SCUBA diving is a life changing experience. Not only will you learn the skills to scuba dive safely, you will also be part of a group of like-minded people.  We are Wellington’s senior PADI 5 Star IDC centre and provide a range of quality services that include: Dive Courses, Local Dive Adventures, Dive Trips, First Aid Training and a Dive Store.  Find out more…



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  • ”Rebreathers″

    Warm & moist air: This is due to the chemical reaction of the carbon dioxide being scrubbed out of the gas in the loop by the scrubber material. The by-product of this action is heat and moisture. This helps the diver to stay warmer and hydrated …… Read more


    At NZSA we offer you all essential support related to the KISS CCR rebreather. You can buy one from us and receive your training from us as well. This fantastic machine comes in two forms – Sport and Classic… Read More


    The GEM is a Passive Semi Closed Rebreather (PSCR) that works on a similar loop/scrubber principal to the KISS CCR. It attaches to a standard scuba cylinder filled with Nitrox.

    It is a simple rebreather that allows you to dump 1/3 of every breathe and recycle 2/3s …Read More


    I bought a Shearwater multi-gas computer to interface with my KISS Classic rebreather. However on several occasions I have dived it using SCUBA. When I compare it to previous multi-gas computers I have owned I am amazed. Switching gases above or underwater is the easiest I have experienced. All functions are controlled by two touch buttons. These are reliable and can’t jam. While there are a lot of menu functions, there are very few you need on each dive. The process is easy ……. Read More

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