Kiss Classic CCR

Kiss Classic CCR


Since the introduction of the first production model in 1999, the KISS Classic has earned a reputation as the most durable, reliable and easiest to maintain closed circuit rebreather on the market. Due to its ability to be used in harsh, and extremely remote locations – which have included some of the deepest cave systems in the world – it has also obtained status as a true expedition-grade rebreather.

It was called the Classic for its simple straightforward configuration, with the rebreather’s head and scrubber centrally positioned on the diver’s back and flanked by the unit’s oxygen and diluent supply on either side. This layout follows that of the majority of rebreathers built today. The most outward differences between the KISS system and other non-military rebreather of the era was that the Classic’s two counter-lungs were back mounted instead of being mounted over the shoulder. For further information please contact us and we will be happy to talk over the kiss classic with you and possible finance options.

Training required and not in purchase price.  Price is indicative only.

Does not include: Cylinders and Valves, Off-board Assembly, Wing or Harness/Plate

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