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Learning to Scuba Dive is a life changing experience.  A PADI Open Water Diver Course opens up a whole new world beneath the oceans surface to explore (the other 70% of our planet).  At NZ Sea Adventures, we have been training Scuba Divers since 1989 with an excellent reputation for quality and service.

Our services include things like: Snorkelling gear, Dive equipment and Scuba Diving courses, Spearfishing gear, local diving, dive trips, Technical diving and First Aid training.  We are the only Dive Centre in the area with an on-site dive pool, saving you time and money!

When taking Continuing Education courses after learning to SCUBA dive, you also become part of a group of like-minded people.  We have a monthly “Crew Night” were clients and friends can enjoy a BBQ and social gathering with guest speakers and more!  Crew Night’s are also absolutely FREE!

Our Dive Store on Marina View is open all year from 8am to 5pm.  Once inside you’ll find everything you need for Snorkelling, Scuba diving, Fishing and Spearfishing both locally and further afield.

Over the years, New Zealand Sea Adventures has become known as Wellington’s Premier PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre and now also NZ’s primary TDI-KISS mCCR Rebreather Centre.  If you’re Looking to become a certified Scuba Instructor or are interested in taking up Technical Diving, our resident PADI Course Director and passionate TECH & CCR Instructor Tony has load’s of experience and many qualifications to draw from.

We make the extra effort to encourage Women in Diving too.  Our team are specialists at making sure you are comfortable and taken care of.  We select dive sites that suit your level of confidence and experience.  It’s our job to make sure all your Scuba Diving experiences are enjoyable.  With the right dive gear, dive site advice and safe diving practices, you will return safely every time feeling enthralled and exhilarated!

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  • New Zealand Sea Adventures is the best dive shop I’ve been to. The store itself is clean and well presented, but what’s more important is the great atmosphere there. I’ve done my Open Water and Advanced Open Water with them so far and right from the start there was fast communication and support whenever I needed it. I have always felt safe and well looked after during the training; I had a great time and it was just like being out with friends.  My Instructor was patient and helpful throughout the courses and that really took the pressure off. It was great to get back to the shop and talk about the dive with a cup of tea too. The crew nights are a nice touch and lots of fun, everyone there is friendly and makes you feel welcome.


    Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Have enjoyed the service provided by your store.  Every time I have mentioned I have a problem with my gear you have offered a solution that has got me back into the water time and time again. You have a knack of sorting problems without fuss and in a very professional manner. Ever helpful and generous with their knowledge.

    Local Diver

    Kim Ratapu
  • All the technical course’s are conducted so you are not only safe but enjoy the experience. The theory is easy to understand and the training is thorough. My Instructors were always keen to answer my many questions.

    My journey has taken me to OC Trimix, CCR trimix, and more recently Divemaster. I had many great dive trips with the Crew to exotic places and have dived historic wrecks in places like Truk Lagoon and Scapa Flow – on both open circuit and my new Rebreather.

    Technical, Rebreather and Divemaster

    Kevin Close
  • Very friendly shop stocked with everything you could possibly need for scuba diving. I love going in here to get my air fills, they always have useful information about where is best to go diving, weather updates through the day to plan around, and every month there is a free social night to listen to interesting talks and chat with other divers over the BBQ. Before a lot of my weekend dives I phone the shop first to talk it over with them just in case there is somewhere with better vis. I got all my gear here as well as lots of extra bits and pieces to make my gear work better for me. They take their time making sure that everything fits right and don’t rush into the sale. I got to sit down with a cup of tea and talk about what kind of diving I am planning to do, so what gear would be best. I have gone on a few trips and found them to be very fun as well as a huge focus on safety.

    Anna S. “Best Dive Shop in Wellington”
  • Sunday 20th November 2011 I successfully completed my PADI Instructor Examination in Wellington. I had finally fulfilled a personal goal. Although the IE was challenging, I was prepared for every phase of the two day examination. I put it all down to the excellent training and preparation on the Instructor Development Course. The IDC was challenging, exciting and rewarding all at the same time. I highly recommend anybody that is interested in being a PADI Instructor that they talk to one of the Crew at New Zealand Sea Adventures, a TOP PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre.

    PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor

    Dean Aldred
  • In 2011, New Zealand Sea Adventures opened my eyes to the underwater world. I have so far done my Open Water and Advanced Open Water course with the shop and it has been a fantastic experience. Both the courses were a lot of fun and I felt safe and looked after by the staff during my first under water adventures.
    Besides learning my dive skills from the knowledgeable and friendly staff, this shop offered me more. I have gained a lot off knowledge from the Wednesday night crew nights, where Tony and his staff teach you everything from the latest dive gear to exciting dive spots, and where you have the opportunity to meet new dive buddies. I always feel welcome to go into the shop anytime, ask a few questions and walk out with new interesting knowledge. I look forward to the next course and club dive.

    Margo Jolink – Advanced Open Water Diver