October 2013

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  • The GEM

    The GEM is a Passive Semi Closed Rebreather (PSCR) that works on a similar loop/scrubber principal to the KISS CCR. It attaches to a standard scuba cylinder filled with Nitrox. It is a simple rebreather that allows you to dump 1/3 of every breathe and recycle 2/3s. You will use a 36% to 40% Nitrox […]

  • Courses

    We offer a wide range of diver training, from learning how to dive with the PADI Open Water course, Professional diving starting at PADI Divemaster , technical training with a full range of TDI courses and re-breather training. We have been training divers since 1975 and welcome everyone who has an interest in diving to come and take up the […]