October 2013

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  • The GEM

    The GEM is a Passive Semi Closed Rebreather (PSCR) that works on a similar loop/scrubber principal to the KISS CCR. It attaches to a standard scuba cylinder filled with Nitrox. It is a simple rebreather that allows you to dump 1/3 of every breathe and recycle 2/3s. You will use a 36% to 40% Nitrox […]

  • Courses

    We offer a wide range of diver training, from learning how to dive with the PADI Open Water course, Professional diving starting at PADI Divemaster , technical training with a full range of TDI courses and re-breather training. We have been training divers since 1975 and welcome everyone who has an interest in diving to come and take up the […]

  • PADI, TDI Courses

    These courses usually take one weekend, although you are able to complete two courses in one weekend, depending on the number of dives required for each course. We are also available during the week. You will find the pace an easy one and the standards all achievable.