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    Wetsuits; Freediving v’s Scuba. What’s the difference?

    Wetsuit Neoprene is a rubber foam used to make, well, a wetsuit. It is called closed-cell neoprene as the bubbles are trapped in the neoprene rubber foam and between one or more layers of fabric. Closed-cell means that each nitrogen bubble is surrounded and separated by neoprene. Both freediving and scuba suits are made of […]

  • Advanced Gas Blender

    Building upon the TDI Gas Blender Course, the next step is taken in the TDI Advanced Gas Blender Course where you will develop and master the skills and knowledge needed to produce custom mix gases for technical diving that include helium.

  • Dive Crew Adventures

    All year round, we offer you the opportunity to go diving.  We dive all the best local Wellington and New Zealand dive sites when the weather conditions allow safe diving plus overseas destinations. Dive sites offer something for everyone, from quick easy dives to longer more challenging areas. Our dedicated staff are there to make sure […]