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New Zealand Sea Adventures was established in 1990 by Tony Howell. From that point NZ Sea Adventures has grown to become the leading PADI SCUBA diving training facility in Wellington. NZ Sea Adventures was awarded the Wellington Regions first PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre rating in 2000. We have twice received prestigious awards from PADI for our ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Dive Industry’ as well as individual Instructor commendations.

We are acknowledged as being arguably the safest and most professional diver training centre in the Region. Having our own on-site dive pool allows us to take as long as necessary to ensure all our students, (open circuit, closed circuit, recreational and technical), reach the highest standards of excellence before we begin the sea dives. We focus on training to the highest standards, supplying the best dive equipment available and leading our clients on exciting New Zealand and overseas dive adventures. Safety is our number one concern.

New Zealand Sea Adventures is Wellington’s senior Technical diver training facility. We offer TDI courses from Enriched Air/Nitrox right through to Advanced Trimix. Our courses include Diver and Instructor level training using both Scuba and Rebreathers. 

As an example we can train you as a recreational side-mount diver then progress you to technical side-mount diver followed by Trimix side-mount if you wish. Side-mounting is of course also used by rebreather divers.

The ocean is our greatest life source and the most amazing place to be in. This is why NZ Sea Adventures has always helped, supported and educated our divers in ways to help our environment. We are a PADI environmental award winning Operator as we strongly believe the health of our planet is dependent on the health of our oceans.

Our staff are friendly, passionate and excited about diving and we welcome you to come in and chat about your diving dreams. Together we will help you achieve your diving goals and aspirations.

Wellington PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Centre NZ
Wellington TDI Technical and CCR Diving
Wellington SCUBA Dive Shop Adventure mark Certified

The Team

Tony Howell

Tony Howell

Owner – Course Director

Tony Howell has been an active PADI Course Director since 1989. He is a very successful Instructor in his own right and has vast experience with PADI’s continuing education programmes and the Instructor Development Course (IDC) in particular. Tony is qualified to teach scuba and Tech dive courses including trimix and rebreathers. He has owned and operated New Zealand Sea Adventures Diver Training Centre in Wellington since 1990. Tony is also an Instructor trainer in: TDI, EFR,  DSAT, CMAS, SDI, MFA, MSCDB and an IANTD Instructor.

Key Achievements:
  • KISS CCR Instructor
  • TDI Instructor Trainer
  • PADI Course Director
  • Army Officer

Tony dives with: S600 regulators, Shearwater computers, DiveRite Nomad harness in either the Sidemount or Backmount configuration, or a DiveRite Transpac with integrated weight system, KISS Classic CCR, DiveRite XT Monoprene fins, and an Otter Brittannic drysuit with Fourth Element under garments.

Peter Baker Scuba Training Manager Wellington
Peter Baker Training Scuba Gear

Peter Baker

Training Manager – MSDT

Peter began diving in Fiji during 2005 and took to it right away.  The idea of becoming a scuba instructor was something Peter aspired to do from the beginning and in 2011 he left Dairy Farm Management to become a full time Dive Professional.

Peter started at NZ Sea Adventures early in 2012 as our Retail Manager and excelled for nearly four years.  In 2015 Peter got the Training Manager role and never looked back.  He is now an experienced and passionate Scuba Instructor with a shared passion for local diving and our ocean planet.  

Diving Achievements:

  • TDI Nitrox Gas Blender, 2021
  • PADI Underwater Naturalist Specialty Instructor, 2021
  • NZUA Survive the Dive certified, 2021
  • PADI Elite Instructor Award, 2020
  • PADI Drift Specialty Instructor, 2020
  • PADI Deep Specialty Instructor, 2020
  • PADI Elite Instructor Award, 2018
  • PADI EANx Specialty Instructor, 2019
  • TDI Nitrox Diver, 2018
  • PADI Elite Instructor Award, 2017
  • Periodic Cylinder Tester, 2017
  • PADI Drysuit Specialty Instructor, 2017
  • PADI Elite Instructor Award, 2016
  • PADI Underwater Navigation Specialty Instructor, 2016
  • PADI Night Specialty Instructor, 2014
  • PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider, 2014
  • PADI Equipment Specialty Instructor, 2013
  • Atomic Aquatics and Atlantis Service Technician, 2012
  • NZUA Air Filler, 2012
  • PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor, 2011
  • Project Aware Coral Reef Conservation Specialty Instructor, 2011
  • Project Aware Specialty Instructor, 2011
  • PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, 2011
  • EFR Instructor w/AED, 2011
  • PADI Divemaster, 2011

Peter Dives with: An Atlantis Quest BCD, Oceandry Bravo Drysuit with Fourth Element Thermal layers or Atlantis Legacy Wetsuit with Icon vest, Split fins and frameless silicone mask, Icon purge snorkel, Legacy dive boots and gloves, Sherwood Retractable compass, Shearwater Peregrine dive computer, Atlantis Quest Regulators/gauges and a DiveAlert PLUS.

Murray Middleton

Murray Middleton

Retail Staff – Diver

Murray began diving very early in life and worked his way through some diver ratings.  He is also keen on the outdoors and conservation issues. 

Murray looks after the Retail area including helping with fishing and dive gear sales and filling cylinders.