Why do “After Work” diving on Thursdays?

Most importantly, if you are anything like us you’ll take every opportunity to get in the water to do some SCUBA Diving….


A little more on this;

Getting out mid-week for an after work dive is a great way to add a little fun and excitement to your week. If you are a new Open Water Diver this is an opportunity to put your skills into action in a slightly more relaxed environment and get a little practice with other new and experienced divers around at the same time. Going for a SCUBA dive is a great way to end your day and we almost always pull up at NZSA or somewhere for a quick bite to eat, fill in log books and a relaxing chat about the dive before you go…

Experienced divers can enjoy their extra confidence and relax during an after work dive too. As dive instructors we know the simplest dives are still enjoyable even after logging 100’s or sometimes even 1000’s of dives!!!

There is also training available:

For those wanting to earn their Advanced Open Water certification during the summer or a Night Diver Specialty in the middle of the year:

  • The Advanced Open Water course is an important and enjoyable step for all new and experienced Open Water Divers.  Soon after your course you’ll become more comfortable in the water and start to find things like navigation, identifying marine life and buoyancy control that much easier to do! And besides this, dive courses are a lot of fun!
  • Night Diving is truly something special. You’ll see marine life act like you’ve never seen before and some new species that hide away during the day.  There is something awe inspiring about entering the water in the dark with just your dive lights to pave the way too…… Your Night Adventure dive and Night Diver Specialty course will make sure you have the skills to safely get the most out of your Night Diving experiences.

We are a friendly crew of divers and dive instructors at New Zealand Sea Adventures and pride ourselves on professionalism and a willingness to relate to the divers who join us for these and many other great diving adventures on offer.

So give it a go, add a little SCUBA diving to your week with the “After Work” dives at NZ Sea Adventures.

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