Atlantis Quest R10 Regulators

In recent blogs we have looked at several general aspects of regulator design and function. Now let us check out an outstanding example of a piston first stage regulator.

The Atlantis Quest R10 is a very popular regulator though-out New Zealand and the South Pacific. It is an extremely robust, reliable and affordable regulator that has become a main stay for the area.

The balanced first stage “flow-though” piston is set at 9-10 bar for maximum ease of breathing. It has a port swivel assembly for versatile low-pressure hose positioning.

The second stage is light and ergonomically shaped to ensure minimum jaw fatigue making it a popular option for those with this problem. It has a diver adjustable flow valve to control the air flow to the diver. In addition, the Venturi effect means the diaphragm needs only the slightest inhalation to begin air flow, making it a pleasure to breathe from.

The R10 is made with a chromium plated brass body and marine grade 303 stainless internal working parts that offers extra protection and durability. It is factory ready for Nitrox under 40%.

A top selling regulator available from New Zealand Sea Adventures with top service and back up. Call us on 04 233-8238.

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