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  • Dive Mask Features wellington scuba snorkel freedive tech dive mask

    Dive Mask Features, what and why.

    Mask Features Choosing a new dive mask can be a case of just picking the latest thing out or if you’re feeling frivolous, why not grab the fanciest one?  Truth is, often the newest and fanciest are great masks and pack some really great features.  It helps to know what they are for and which […]

  • wellington scuba dive diving regulators

    Does your Regulator Leak?

    To find out if your regulator is leaking, simply breath from the second stage while blocking the first stage with your finger or the dust cover. If there is air leaking into the second stage then there is problem that needs to be fixed. Water may be leaking through the: mouthpiece, diaphragm or exhaust ports. […]

  • Wellington Gift Voucher

    It’s nearly Christmas Time…

    It’s almost that time of year again when summer arrives and so do the holidays!There’s never been a better time to sign up a friend for their PADI Open Water Diver course.  Gift the ultimate in experiences this Christmas with a Gift voucher for a SCUBA Diving course.   Already certified or not sure what to […]

  • Wellington SCUBA Regulators 150x150 Quest R10 Reg

    Atlantis Quest R10 Regulators

    In recent blogs we have looked at several general aspects of regulator design and function. Now let us check out an outstanding example of a piston first stage regulator. The Atlantis Quest R10 is a very popular regulator though-out New Zealand and the South Pacific. It is an extremely robust, reliable and affordable regulator that […]

  • wellington scuba diving regulator first stages

    Regulator Diaphragm V’s Piston First Stage.

    A scuba regulator has several functions, all of which allow a diver to breathe underwater. The first stage attaches to your scuba cylinder and that reduces the pressure from high to intermediate. The second stage reduces the pressure further from intermediate to ambient. That means that the work of breathing is almost, but not quite, […]

  • Wellington scuba diving regulator care

    Regulator Care and Maintenance.

    The rule of thumb is to have your regulator serviced by a certified Service Technician either every year or 100 dives, whichever comes first. The best time to do this is when you get your cylinder is tested. As well as the annual scuba diving regulator service it is also necessary to wash your regulators […]

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    Choosing a mask?

    One of the big questions is ‘should I buy a Silicone or rubber mask?’ While it is always going to be a matter of personal preference which one is best for you, we can explain the primary difference. The older heavy-duty style rubber masks are still around and, they may appear to be more indestructible […]