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Open 8am to 5pm Daily 

 (Excluding Public Holidays)

Mythical secret’s of how Divers hone their skills.

Mythical Secrets

After an Open Water Diver course you can sometimes be left feeling like there was something missing or maybe it was not complete.  You’re looking at taking the next step they keep telling you to do but are not sure or even feeling prepared.  For starters your Dive Instructor seemed to have it all so well down yet made it look so simple that you don’t feel like you really did that well?

Why you should log those dives…

If you’re looking for ways to breakthrough from beginner to experienced, we have a simple trick for you. Keep an up-to-date diving logbook

Getting out diving once certified

After putting all that work into becoming a certified diver, getting out diving afterwards can be oddly challenging. We’ve put together some helpful tips to get you started…

Beginner diving tips to avoid danger

Beginner Diving Tips to Avoid Danger Safety is almost always at the forefront of any divers thinking, but occasionally and commonly even the most experienced and qualified enthusiasts find themselves in an uncomfortable situation.  The inevitable will come for every diver when a little surprise catches them off guard and they need to re-group a […]

How to choose a Dive Mask.

Whether you are starting your SCUBA diving experience or an experienced re-breather diver, you need a dive mask..

Tips & Hints: Getting your Master Scuba Diver rating

Tips & Hints: Earning the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating It’s all about getting out SCUBA diving… Finding the time to get out diving after your course with a dive instructor can be hard, you’ve got all those other things which come up that just don’t seem to let you get away…. Make time: The […]

Safe and Enjoyable Diving – Wellington and NZ

Safe and Enjoyable Diving – Wellington and NZ With the advent of long summers and great diving on offer, it’s surprising how much underwater time you can clock up and in no time you can feel there is nothing that can go wrong.  This is true if you are following safe diving practices and using common […]

Drysuit Types

Drysuit’s Simplified. Get yours from New Zealand Sea Adventures TODAY!

Diving and Hydration

When it comes to diving and hydration, many divers believe that a big drink of water before a dive will keep them hydrated. This may result in a near-bursting bladder during the dive – it doesn’t hydrate you. One of the leading preventatives of the Bends, or Decompression Sickness (DCS), is hydration. About 60% of […]