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  • wellington scuba diving regulator first stages

    Regulator Diaphragm V’s Piston First Stage.

    A scuba regulator has several functions, all of which allow a diver to breathe underwater. The first stage attaches to your scuba cylinder and that reduces the pressure from high to intermediate. The second stage reduces the pressure further from intermediate to ambient. That means that the work of breathing is almost, but not quite, […]

  • Wellington scuba diving regulator care

    Regulator Care and Maintenance.

    The rule of thumb is to have your regulator serviced by a certified Service Technician either every year or 100 dives, whichever comes first. The best time to do this is when you get your cylinder is tested. As well as the annual scuba diving regulator service it is also necessary to wash your regulators […]

  • wellington scuba snorkel freedive tech dive mask

    Choosing a mask?

    One of the big questions is ‘should I buy a Silicone or rubber mask?’ While it is always going to be a matter of personal preference which one is best for you, we can explain the primary difference. The older heavy-duty style rubber masks are still around and, they may appear to be more indestructible […]

  • Wellington scuba diving fun blog Shore Diving

    Shore diving for experts.

    Going SCUBA diving from shore dive can be very enjoyable and relatively simple to do. Although, as with boat diving, when shore diving there are also a few specific yet relatively simple things you can do to keep it simple and going smoothly. Before we get into detail… Wellington and many places around NZ and […]

  • diving thermals warm dive gear wellington scuba diving

    Exposure Protection – What can I buy to keep me warmer?

    Having the right diving thermals and dive gear offering exposure protection while diving can make a significant difference to your diving. It’s not just about keeping warm enough either, in some cases it’s quite the opposite. If you’re not already using a Wet Suit, these make a considerable difference and 7mm either one or two […]

  • wellington scuba training PADI Rescue diver course underwater fun adventure nz

    PADI Rescue Diver Course; a cornerstone of great SCUBA diving..

    Taking your PADI Open Water Diver course is an exhilarating, fulfilling and empowering experience. On the PADI Advanced Open Water Course, divers learn to explore more and gain confidence underwater. So what is the PADI Rescue Diver Course for then you ask.. Why take a PADI Rescue Diver course? Often divers are unsure of the […]

  • Wellignton underwater fun When to buy what dive gear SCUBA diving equipment

    Dive Gear Ownership? What dive gear to get and when…

    Should I buy my own dive gear? Is hiring dive gear as convenient as I think? What part’s of my kit should I be considering at different levels? What if I plan to dive locally and or travel? Lot’s of new and even experienced divers can get distracted and confused about what dive gear is […]

  • local scuba diving new zealand sea adventures wellington

    Recreational & Technical Diving. What we offer.

    Learning to Scuba Dive is a life changing experience that opens up a whole new world beneath the oceans surface to explore (in fact it’s the other 71% of our planet!) At NZ Sea Adventures, we have been training Scuba Divers locally since 1989 with an excellent reputation for quality and service.

  • wellington scuba diving care freee and fun nz

    Is SCUBA Diving a safe and care free leisure activity?

    At NZ Sea Adventures we hear about peoples concerns with SCUBA diving and safety.  Things like “I heard somebody had an accident!?”  “Can you get the bends?”  The answer to these and many safety concerns are often yes, these things can and do happen.  The truth is however that these are usually very isolated incidences […]

  • wellington dive lights torch scuba diving nz fun

    Dive Torches; what’s in and what works?

    When SCUBA diving, dive torches come in handy for many situations and not just Night Diving or Wreck Diving either. However these are common uses. A good dive torch supplies enough light underwater to navigate and view in low light area’s. Having the right strength is important so as not to over illuminate as well. […]

  • - Wellington Scuba Shop dive gear diving equipment Wellington PADIi dive courses Wellington TDI courses KISS Rebreathers

    Women in Diving

    When we look at an average class of diving students, they are still predominantly male. This is no surprise as surveys of people identify the misperception that diving is a male activity. This probably stems from the military origins of diving and the fact that in those early days, training was designed to pass the […]

  • wellington night diving fun specialty scuba dive nz

    Night Diving – Awe and Exhilaration

    Have you ever gone out at Night and felt the excitement in the air? That’s what Night Diving is like except much more exhilarating! Entering the water by torch light is a thrill to say the least. It is a great way to explore and experience the excitement and awe of the underwater world as […]

  • Wellington Fun diving adventure diver

    Adventure Diver – what’s it all about?

    Once you are a certified Open Water Diver you can take not only take the Advanced Open Water Diver course and some Specialties. There’s also an exciting PADI Adventure Diver option if you want to ease into it a little slower. Maybe you are short on time? During the short program you will gain some […]

  • Wellington Technical Diving courses and Rebreathers

    “TECH” Specialty Diver Package

    Set a course for all out underwater adventure with our “TECH” Specialty diver Package and become a PADI Master Scuba Diver with certifications that set you up for all out adventure! Package includes; Dive with Enriched Air Nitrox on your next dive as a PADI Enriched Air Diver, enjoy extended no-deco limits and less fatigue after […]

  • Wellington safe scuba diving nz course adventure

    Are you Medically Fit to SCUBA dive?

    Did you know that as a Recreational Diver, you are supposed to check the R.S.T.C. Medical Statement annually or if you have been sick? It’s really easy to do and may not cost you anything, just a moment of your time. Have a quick ready through the Front page and answer the questions honestly to […]

  • Wellington Drysuit diving course PADI Specialties

    Learning to SCUBA Dive in 2019.

    With talk of sharks and Orca in our waters this summer, post apocalyptic films everywhere and so much about plastic pollution in the media, it can be difficult to see the lighter side of life. All these things may have us struggling to see the reasoning behind getting into underwater sports? Safety, not and issue […]

  • Specialty Dive courses - Wellington Scuba Shop dive gear diving equipment Wellington PADIi dive courses Wellington TDI courses KISS Rebreathers

    When to start doing Specialty Courses

    For new divers, sometimes the concept of continuing education courses can seem bewildering and nobody seems to want to say what the thing to do is.  At Open Water Diver level, the truth is you have the pre-requisite for certainly Advanced Open Water but you can also do Specialty courses to benefit you early on […]

  • wellington fun scuba diving safe easy course

    Misconceptions about SCUBA diving.

    When it comes to diving, there are a few misconceptions floating around that we think are worth clarifying. Maybe these four explanations will help you convince your BFF that it’s time to get certified or help assure your mom that it’s not as ‘crazy’ of a sport as she might think. 1. Shark attacks One […]