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  • Wellington PADI Rescue Diver course

    Why PADI Advanced Open Water & Rescue Diver?

    You take the PADI Open Water Diver course to learn to SCUBA dive, so where do the Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver courses come in?  The truth is they’re all part of the learning process.  Taking dive courses after Open Water Diver helps turn you into a competent SCUBA Diver.  Yes once you have […]

  • Wellington Dive Club - Mikhail Lermontov Dive Trip wreck diving nz scuba diving

    Mikhail Lermontov Trip – 2018

    On February 16, 1986, Mikhail Lermontov was cruising in New Zealand for the CTC cruise company. On that day she left Picton for the Marlborough Sounds, carrying mostly elderly Australian passengers, under the charge of The Picton pilot, Captain Don Jamieson. His presence, and his knowledge of the area, should have assured the safety of […]

  • Wellington Dive Gear Choosing a BCD

    Choosing the right BCD.

    BCD selection can be confusing, even for the most experienced divers.  Words like integrated, rear inflator, non-integrated, modular, shoulder dump, quick release, harness and wing can sound sophisticated beyond comprehension.  In this article we will shed some light on these options and how they affect your diving.  Don’t forget for a full equipment run-down and […]

  • Wellington SCUBA Diving courses Temperate Water Diver

    Which 5 Specialty courses are good for Temperate Water Diving?

    Temperate water diving offers some different challenges to tropical or summer diving in the Wellington region.  When Divers master the essentials they can enjoy a greater range of dive sites and even improved visibility!  Plus who doesn’t want to dive all year round anyway? Peak Performance Buoyancy Prerequisite: Open Water Diver or equivalent Having good buoyancy […]

  • SCUBA diving Myths, NZ Wellington PADI dive courses

    Mythical secret’s of how we develop as divers.

    After an Open Water Diver course you can sometimes be left feeling like there was something missing or maybe it was not complete.  You’re looking at taking the next step they keep telling you to do but are not sure or even feeling prepared.  For starters your Dive Instructor seemed to have it all so […]

  • Aquarium divers scuba diving courses and trips wellington based scuba diving

    Napier Trip

    Escape for a fun weekend exploring the highlights of Napier.  As scuba divers we naturally seek out novel experiences and diving in the Napier Oceanarium is nothing short of this.  Concerned about diving with sharks and rays?  No problem, ease your fears with marine life that is so used to divers you’ll feel right at […]

  • Wellington Dive Gear and courses

    Future Proofing your Dive Purchases

    It is hard when you start diving to imagine where you are going with this exciting activity. Some divers can’t see past the desire to catch a crayfish. If this is all you intend to do, stop reading this blog, you don’t have the imagination to really enjoy diving. First try and decide what you […]

  • NZ Dive Trip, Scuba diving Wellington

    Northland Dive Trip – 8th to 11th of June

    Get yourself away for a 4 day dive trip this June to NZ’s iconic Bay of Islands – HMNZS Canterbury.  Enjoy real down to earth New Zealand hospitality and diving at it’s best. Nearby and often visited during the trip are the Rainbow Warrior Shipwreck and even a visit to the Poor Knights islands can […]

  • Wellington Dive Diving Adventures - Wellington Scuba Store dive gear diving equipment Wellington PADIi dive courses Wellington TDI courses KISS Rebreathers

    Getting out Scuba Diving in Wellington once certified.

    All too often the going mantra is how to get some practice is after your PADI Open Water Diver course.  You’ve done all the skills’, completed the study and been scuba diving during your course but how to get there now?  It could be time pressures or finding a dive buddy, maybe you’re still a […]

  • Wellington PADI Specialty courses, PADI Master Scuba Diver, TDI Scuba Diving Wellington

    Specialty Diver Packages

    Back from the achieves and in line with the new PADI Specialties of the Quarter promotions are our re-invigorated Specialty Packages for your SCUBA diving pleasure…. Looking to explore further underwater, maybe become a certified Wreck diver or dive with Enriched Air Nitrox?  Maybe you are aiming for PADI Master Scuba Diver and need 5 […]

  • Wellington Dive Gear - Shearwater Perdix AI

    Air Integrated – Sherwater Perdix Dive Computer.

    The Perdix Shearwater AI (Air Integrated) dive computer has a large, easy-to-read screen that clearly displays the tank pressure, your gas time remaining and other essential dive data. The computer has an optional integrated transmitter that sends your cylinder pressure and time remaining to the Perdix. The Perdix can be used without the trasmitter – […]

  • Wellington PADI Rescue Diver course nz scuba diving and courses

    How the PADI Rescue Diver course improves your diving.

    Early on in your scuba diving the PADI Rescue Diver course can sometimes seem intangible or unnecessary, because well, you just leave that stuff to the pro’s don’t you?  While when it comes to dive planning and organising dive trips, professional dive operations will take the stress out of a lot of this, the answer […]

  • Get Set-up Package- Wellington Scuba Store dive gear diving equipment Wellington PADIi dive courses Wellington TDI courses KISS Rebreathers

    Putting together your first set of SCUBA diving equipment.

    Both experienced and new divers can easily become overcome with options when putting together a set of Scuba gear.  Things like what Regulators to choose and when to get that Dive Computer return a variety of answers which are all correct.  But what and when is best to purchase for you? Start with what kind […]

  • clean up dive seal nz scuba diving wellington

    Marina Clean Up

    After the very informative Project Aware presentation by Tony, I was shocked to learn about the state of our ocean and the unnecessary, horrendous, destructive things we humans do to our beautiful waters and the wonders that lives within it. One of the facts – Every year 100 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into […]

  • PADI Advanced Open Water course Wellington scuba diving course NZ Sea adventures dive shop dive gear scuba equipment course

    PADI Advanced Open Water course, a natural progression.

    Taking the PADI Advanced Open Water course is a relatively simple yet essential step with scuba divers developing skills to compliment their diving and achieving a new depth rating.  You cover areas like better buoyancy control with the Peak Performance Buoyancy dive, maybe a Wreck dive to get familiar with popular and safe wreck diving […]

  • Dive Mask Wellington dive shop scuba and freediving gear

    How to choose a Dive Mask.

    Whether you are starting your SCUBA diving experience or an experienced rebreather diver, you need a dive mask. If your mask does not fit you properly it will ruin your dive. Choosing one in a dive store can be quite a challenge so here are some tips: Select a Store Select a dive shop you […]

  • Beginners Dive Gear Package - Scuba dive gear wellington scuba diving courses nz sea adventures

    Beginners Dive Gear – Where to start?

    Get your dive course off to a great start with some comfortable dive gear selected specifically for you.  Get more out of your course knowing you’ve already got some of the essential gear.  Save money on gear hire and dive with greater confidence and convenience. Our Beginners Dive Gear Package is suited to both experienced […]

  • PADI Rescue course Wellington-min

    What’s involved in getting PADI Rescue Diver certified?

    Imagine you’re out diving with your local “Crew” or on a dive trip and something goes wrong, somebody is a little tired and cannot swim in, falls unconscious or is having trouble at some stage during the dive.  Would you know what to do without getting yourself into danger at the same time?  Sure you […]

  • Wellington Freediving wetsuit nz suba diving wetsuit-min

    Wetsuits; Freediving v’s Scuba. What’s the difference?

    Wetsuit Neoprene is a rubber foam used to make, well, a wetsuit. It is called closed-cell neoprene as the bubbles are trapped in the neoprene rubber foam and between one or more layers of fabric. Closed-cell means that each nitrogen bubble is surrounded and separated by neoprene. Both freediving and scuba suits are made of […]

  • deciding on a scuba diving regulator setup Wellington scuba diving padi course wellington dive gear equipment

    Deciding on a scuba diving regulator setup.

    Deciding on a Regulator setup to go for first off can be all a little bewildering, will you get what you pay for spending a little extra?  Does the cheap regulator actually work?  What is a venturi or balanced regulator even mean?  One things for sure and that we can assure you is that they […]