July Dive Crew Newsletter

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Dive Crew Night

Come along on the Wednesday 4th of July for the monthly Dive Crew Night.  Arrive any time from 5pm.  Please bring a food contribution for the BBQ. You can also bring a drink if you wish and take a load-off while the “Chef” takes care of things, there’s tea and coffee here.
Shortly after we have live Dive Crew updates and present Certificates before we are entertained and educated by our Guest Speaker.

June Certifications

PADI Open Water Diver
Murray and Jadene
PADI Advanced Open Water

PADI Master SCUBA Diver


Last Guest Speaker:

Tony talked about his recent dive trip to the Philippines recently and more specifically the Shipwrecks of Coron Bay. This is a dive site we have to go and see. The presentation was very insightful and inspiring to all.  Tony shared an array of photos and an in depth knowledge of the diving and facilities on offer.  Everything from budget to extra comfortable, open circuit and CCR facilities. The plan is to organise a trip back to Coron Bay in August 2019.

Thank you Tony for sharing your knowledge..

July Speaker: 
This month we have the Shearwater and Fourth Element New Zealand representative Andrew Simpsons. Andrew has recently dived the Shearwater Teric watch computer in Truk. He is happy to share his knowledge of the new Teric plus the Shearwater range, He may also talk about the new Fourth Element range of wetsuit and drysuit undergarments.

This is a great opportunity to hear from an expert. Everyone is welcome. Dont forget there are certificate presentations as well. Put this great evening at the top of your places to be!

Courses & Events
  • Dive Crew Night – 4th
  • Napier Aquarium Trip – 14th & 15th 
  • Women’s Dive Day – 21st
  • Rescue Diver course  28th and 29th
  • Dive Crew Night – 1st
  • Open Water Diver course – 25th + 26th and 1st + 2nd of September


  • Dive Crew Night – 5th
  • Open Water Diver course – 8th + 9th and 15th + 16th
  • Mikhail Lermontov Dive Trip – 22nd to 24th
  • Advanced Open Water course – 29th and 30th
  • Dive Crew Night  3rd
  • Rescue Diver course – 6th and 7th
  • Drift Dive Trip – 13th & 14th

Napier Aquarium Trip

Not long till the Napier Trip!  Dates are:
14 July meet in Napier at 12.00am to begin our wine tour,
15 July we have free run of the Napier Aquarium of NZ. Cylinders will be provided free of charge. Fish feed is a must, 2.00pm Sunday.
Please get in touch if you would like to go so we can sort accommodation. If you dont have dive gear you can hire it from Napier or NZSA.
Cost is $175.00 per diver. Make sure you’ve sorted the trip payment in good time. Please also bring proof of your dive qualification.
Interested in going? Let us know asap so we know to work it in – 04 233-8238.

Find out more…

Mikhail Lermontov Dive Trip

This wreck occurred as a result of mishap. This fact that the wreck ended up in an ideal dive location is a bonus. The minimum depth is 12m-15m depending on the tide. Deepest depth in not quite 40m. Diving within your Wreck dive qualification will be strictly enforced as this is a serious wreck.  Experience raw wreck diving at it’s best!  This Russian Shipwreck offers wreck diving at it’s best and just on our back door! There is now a new dive boat that has a lift and plenty of space.
Not many spaces left for this years fully catered  trip, did we mention they now have a diver lift?.

More about the Lermontov

Archaeology & Research 
Specialty Diver Courses

Due to popular demand we’re looking to schedule both an Underwater Archaeology Specialty and a Research Diver Specialty.  Of course all of our Specialty courses are available as needed.  We’ve looking to nail down which day/s will work for those who want the rating/course.  We have week days available with weekend options coming up also.  Please let us know which days work for you so we can book to your schedule.

Contact us             Find out more…

Earn a Prestigious PADI rating

Becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver is an inspiring achievement.  The experience you gain plus the diving knowledge learnt set you up for quality diving adventures both simple and as challenging as you desire.  Take the next step today with Advanced Open Water, PADI Specialty courses and the Rescue Diver course.


Become a CCR Diver

Thinking of taking a step to the “DarkSide”.  Make it a KISS mCCR for best value, safety and quality service. NZ Sea Adventures have been doing Rebreathers now for over 10 yrs with many more years offering Technical Diving.  Become a mCCR Rebreather diver with the experienced Rebreather Professionals at New Zealand Sea Adventures.

Find out more…

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We’ve added a “News & Events” section to the Website with all the latest new and events!  Just look under “About Us” or “News & Events” at the very top of every page when you’re wanting to catch up on the latest in Dive Crew News.

Max’s Column

Our resident spy has been keeping an eye on what the Dive Crew have been up to…

  • The diving at Northland Dive was four degrees warmer than Wellington…
  • …that is from Tony’s NERD.
  • The first problem was not water temp but air temp.
  • Desert Rd was closed and we went the long way – made very good time tho.
  • One way to really cool down is to begin your dive with your drysuit zip partially undone.
  • Wayne spent the lunch break drying out, interestingly his Fourth Element kept him warm.
  • Great panic one morning as Andy realised he had forgotten his drysuit rock boots.
  • There was a shower of road metal that stopped suddenly,
  • ..our wonderful skipper Julia had spotted them and hand delivered them.
  • Matt Savage has now completed the 50 dives required foe Master Scuba Diver. Huge Congrats!
  • Dive Northland have a new Catamaran. Shane is hard at work converting it to a live-aboard dive boat.
  • The ladder is one item that needs replacing – as he is aware (lift?).
  • Mhairi set the trend by lying back and allowing the plebes to remove her fins, went quite well…
  • ..Wayne bettered the technique by having both fins removed simultaneously but – plebes revenge as they held his feet and spear-dunked him below the surface.
  • Kevin was the apprentice boatman gathering hours and experience towards his Master of Small Commercial Dive Boats rating.
  • Tertius you missed some great weather on the recent Advanced Open Water course…
  • …hope you are feeling better soon.
  • Chris M. signed on and enjoyed some great diving for the Advanced Open Water course…
  • … all the usual marine life was out and about too.
  • New dive slates were lost, and then found…
  • …the pencil however, oh well.
  • Crew on staff have caught up with the latest social media trends…
  • …We’re now able to post to Instagram, look us up @dive_crew
  • A number of our young recent Open Water Diver students are going on a scientific trip in a weeks time…
  • ….best of luck and hope to hear good things when you return!
  • To our CCR Matt’s relief, no problems with equipment this time. Some great CCR Trimix diving with Tony.
  • After-dive-entertainment, Sam showed off his weeny drone and demonstrated just how good the navigational cameras are.
  • Breakfast was a bit of a worry as we were entertained by Alastair in his delicate pastel blue, form fitting surgery scrubs.
  • May as well mention another panic – who stole Kevin’s Fourth Element Arctic top?
  • Finally a very short text ‘found on clothes rack, drying at Northland Dive!
Situation Vacant – Retail Manager

An employment opportunity exists for a reliable and motivated Divemaster or Instructor to fill a Retail based role.  Opportunities exist for career development with our in-house PADI Course Director over time.

Duties include; Retail sales, stock management, shop displays, course promotion, sales and booking plus tank filling.   Associated duties include; assisting with Crew Dives and Dive Crew events, back-up Instructor where qualified, tank testing, Regulator/BCD/Valve servicing, Nitrox and Trimix filling if qualified.

Applicants as a minimum must have a valid work visa and be able to work unsupervised on their own at times.  A strong customer focus is required as well as being self-motivated, working as part of a team and adhering to the highest safety standards.

Our mailing address is:


Telephone: 04 233-8238