Winter is just around the corner… Or is it?

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A Wintery blast has definitely got Crew thinking about dry-suits and keeping warm but don’t sweat just yet.   Metservice are predicting a “Tropical Autumn” outside of a brief somewhat colder spell this week.  But let’s not forget how good winter diving can be with a stylish and warm Drysuit.

Diving conditions in Wellington are considered “Temperate”.  What this means for divers is that you’ll be able to experience excellent diving opportunities but a high performance wetsuit and sometimes slightly sophisticated exposure protection is required.  Good news is we are experts in the field with a lot of us already diving drysuits of various types.  New Drysuits can be ordered in Neoprene or Tri-laminate materials with a vast variety of options.  Some drysuits are even able to be Made To Measure, right here in New Zealand!!!  How cool is that?

Following the drysuit purchase it’s highly recommended to do the PADI Drysuit Specialty.  Our Wellington Dive Centre has a purpose built diver training pool so we can get you set up for the Open Water Dives almost any day of the week.  The course is very helpful and you’ll benefit from the added experience of the Team.

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