Newly Certified PADI Open Water Divers

  1. Wellington Open Water Diver course PADI NZ

Congratulations newly certified PADI Open Water Divers!!!

This great group of diver students from all over the lower north island aced all their skills and spent the weekend exploring the underwater world in the Taputeranga Marine Reserve during the weekend.  Wellingtons south coast put on some good diving conditions to add to the experience.  All our favourite local fish were about with a friendly big Blue Cod and Moki following the group around.  A few slightly friendly ButterFish were also getting up and close to the divers too.

As Open Water divers we can explore the underwater world to a maximum of 18m in relatively ideal conditions.  Some are off on a trip to observe marine life while all will undoubtedly enjoy more local diving in the future..

Well done everyone, it was great having such a pleasant group!