PADI Specialties of the Quarter – Underwater Navigator

  1. Wellington SCUBA Diving Navigation Course PADI Specialty

Knowing where you are & where you’re going makes a big difference to how much fun you have when Scuba diving.  With some well honed under water navigation skills you can make your diving more relaxing & may be the difference between finding a special spot underwater – or not.  Try the PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty and improve your chances with proven navigation techniques for SCUBA Divers.

Why take the PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty Course?

Underwater Navigation can be challenging, but in the PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty course, you master the challenge. You learn the tools of the trade, including navigation via natural clues and by compass along with Specialty level Navigation skills used by experts in underwater navigation.

What’s involved in the course?

We will cover all the basics you need to become an expert underwater navigator including navigation patterns, natural navigation (without a compass), compass navigation, how to “mark” or relocate a submerged object or position from the surface, underwater map making and how to follow irregular courses with the Nav-Finder.

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