Dive Torches; what’s in and what works?

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When SCUBA diving, dive torches come in handy for many situations and not just Night Diving or Wreck Diving either. However these are common uses.

A good dive torch supplies enough light underwater to navigate and view in low light area’s. Having the right strength is important so as not to over illuminate as well. Whilst Night Diving, a reliable and reasonably powerful dive torch allows you to see. There are different beam types with either a “hot spot” to help view and penetrate a longer distance or beams that are set up and work more like a flood light. A Flood or sometimes referred to as a photo/video light helps you to see the full picture of what’s around you. At Night or in a Shipwreck underwater, this allows your camera to focus better and capture more of the surroundings as well.

LED bulbs are extreemly popular, they provide power with minimal battery demand and last a very long time. More conventional bulbs are still around but loosing popularity fast.

Rechargeable batteries and non-rechargeable options suit different people and situations accordingly. Rechargeable torches or lights that take rechargeable batteries often come complete with the charger, offering simplicity and convenience. Rechargeable batteries will not last as long however and when they run low, they will run out as well in a matter of minutes. Non-Rechargeable however offer a bit of a safety margin if you’re not so good with remembering to recharge the batteries or don’t carry a back-up light. When the batteries start to get low, the power of the torch will slowly dim, but you’ll have time to finish the dive safely. It is good practice to carry a backup though in any case.

Check the rated water proof depth and check seals and functions regularly to ensure your torches will keep functioning properly too. Remember you are operating electrical equipment in the salty underwater environment so extra care is needed.

At New Zealand Sea Adventures we stock the latest range of LED rechargeable and non-rechargeable options. Our TOVATEC Spot/Photo/Video lights offer different strengths in a high tech hand held torch. We have a simple Princeton Tec torch for peering about in crevices which also to great as back up underwater lighting, are compact and easy to use with a simple halogen bulb.

There’s also a Head Lamp that can be mounted to any GoPRO mount or kept on the head strap to make carrying out tasks easy with hand’s free lighting!

And of course the all round, mighty slugger.. The Atlantis L1-900 Diving light is the simplest 900 Lumen, LED dive torch you can get. Comes standard with 3 x C Size batteries for 6+ hours of full power lighting. Heavy duty Alloy case and simple, double o-ringed twist switch.

Talk to one of the friendly and helpful staff in store today or shop in our online store for the dive light/s that suit you.

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