“The BRIGHT YELLOW Dive Store” 

Open 8am to 5pm Daily 

(Excluding Public Holidays)

“The BRIGHT YELLOW Dive Store”

Open 8am to 5pm Daily 

 (Excluding Public Holidays)

Diver Support Services

Certified divers can enjoy extended support services through our dive centre.  These include Dive Tank fills, Cylinder testing, Dive Gear servicing and repairs.  Diving Refreshers, a PADI ReActivate along with a good range of modern Dive Gear, Continuing Education Courses to develop your diving further, regular diving is available and Tech Diving Gear as well.

Skills Refreshers and ReActivating

Not been diving for a while and need a skills refresher?  Looking to update your diving knowledge to the latest accepted practices, technology and techniques?  Our Refresher and PADI ReActivate programs can be done almost any day of the week.  Just a half day is needed for the pool skills refresher and the optional online PADI eLearning can be completed in your own time.  The ReActive eLearning also includes a “ReActivated” PADI certification.  A ReActivate can also be used to if you have a certification from another training agency and want a PADI certification for easier recognition.

Cylinder Filling

Air Fill’s are available for any cylinder that meets the approved filling standards as per New Zealand Authorities.  We aim to fill while you wait where possible so allow a little time when you come in to get your cylinder/s filled.  That way you can take the filled cylinder/s with you at the same time.  While waiting you can browse our comfortable store, grab that bit of dive gear you’ve been meaning to get.  There’s a notice board and memorabilia, we have a collection of historic diving items and recovered items, both historic, recent, local and from abroad that have been recovered from beneath the sea.  Strike up a conversation with available staff, just like you, we all love to chat about diving and remain a hub for local knowledge.

10 Fill Cards are available at a reduced cost per fill.

Other diving gas mixes are available via partial pressure mixing: Enriched Air Nitrox, Trimix and Oxygen filling and cleaning of cylinders and valve also.

NOTE: There are times when cylinder filling may be delayed so please allow for this possibility when planning your diving.  Bringing your cylinders in for filling on “off days” for example; poor diving weather and some week days, will help ensure you don’t get delayed when heading out for a dive.  If you need to leave the cylinder/s with us, we can give you an idea of when it will be ready. Make an effort to collect the cylinder at your earliest convenience. NZSA cannot take any responsibility for cylinders left in our store, misplaced or otherwise.  Although uncommon, we regret that the occasional theft is an unfortunate reality.

Scuba Diver Training and Development

Perfect your buoyancy control, underwater navigation and many other diving and some non-diving competencies.  The PADI Diver Training system covers many aspects of diving, both practical and knowledge based.  Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver courses can make all the difference and complete the core set of dive courses.  Achieving Master Scuba Diver is a defining moment in the life of the few divers who achieve this Recreational level.  Divemaster and Instructor courses are available along with Medic First Aid among others.  Other Diving experiences are also available for divers to enjoy guided local diving experiences.

Gear Servicing, Parts and Repairs

Got a broken Fin or Mask strap, Regulators or BCD due a service?  Maybe your Drysuit needs new seals or a new Zip.  Speargun issues or parts?  Bring in your piece of dive gear that’s in need of attention to keep it in top working order and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Simple repairs can be done quickly on “off days” or there may be a delay during busier periods, but we’ll almost always be able to get it sorted for you eventually, offer advice on what is possible or offer replacement options.  Regulator Servicing takes around 7 days in most cases.  Sometimes there can be a delay on special parts needed so if you have a trip planned and need servicing done, bring the gear into us well in advance.

Cylinder Testing

We have a complete Hydrostatic and Visual Cylinder testing service on site.  For this you will need to leave your cylinder/s with us.  Time frames vary by demand and availability of staff.  A cylinder test can be completed and the cylinder filled sometimes within a few hours, during busier periods it could be up to a week but rarely longer that this.

Your Dive Tank/Cylinder requires a test every 12-24 months; A Hydrostatic Test every 2 years/24 months and a Visual only test after the first 12 months to get the full 24 months of the Hydrostatic test.  All Hydrostatic tests are stamped on the cylinder and visual tests are stamped on the plastic tag/ROC Tag.  These are the legal requirements any Scuba Cylinder to be filled in New Zealand.

Dive Tank Testing timeline for diving cylinders in new zealand

Valves are not tested or serviced during the cylinder testing process. Consequently they are often overlooked. Is your valve a bit hard to twist?  Becoming difficult to turn on or off?  Valves are easily replaced with a new valve. Modern valves can be serviced for less than the price of a new valve.

Ask about a Valve Service or a New Valve with your next Cylinder Test.

NOTE: When your Cylinder is tested and filled we make an effort to contact you via phone or email.  If it has been a day of two since your cylinder was expected to be ready, then you may have missed a call or email.  In this case, please visit our store or call to check on the progress of your cylinder/s, we’re more than happy to give you an update. Make an effort to collect the cylinder at your earliest convenience. NZSA cannot take any responsibility for cylinders left in our store, misplaced or otherwise.  Although uncommon, we regret that the occasional theft is an unfortunate reality.

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