Exposure Protection – What can I buy to keep me warmer?

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Having the right diving thermals and dive gear offering exposure protection while diving can make a significant difference to your diving. It’s not just about keeping warm enough either, in some cases it’s quite the opposite.

If you’re not already using a Wet Suit, these make a considerable difference and 7mm either one or two piece wet suit’s are best for Wellington SCUBA diving. Dry Suit’s do come highly recommended for the cooler months and offer a greater range of exposure protection for all types of scuba diving.

During the cooler months you will certainly be looking for ways to keep warm while diving and there is a great range of suitable diving thermals in store. There are Neoprene Vest’s which can make a significant difference when added underneath a Wet Suit. Fourth Element Thermomcline offer the next level of added warmth to your Wet Suit diving. These high quality diving thermals not only act as extra warmth while underwater but also help to keep you warm between dives. The technology helps to stop the “chill” from the air entering your Wet Suit. Many people are very surprised by how effective these are.

We offer the popular Scubapro Everdry 4 Dry Suit’s new. These come standard in a modern, 4mm Neoprene, modern and flexible design. These offer considerable warmth on their own but most divers will have some thermal layers underneath. Choosing from the Fourth Element range, you can select the level of extra warmth needed by using the Arctic or Xerotherm options. Using these on their own or together for added warmth sometimes around your torso is a popular option. There are also Arctic Expedition tops and the Halo for very low temperatures and deep diving.

Don’t forget your feet, hands and head. Good quality 5mm Neoprene Dive Boot’s are common for Wellington Diving, you can also add Thermocline Fin Socks too! Scuba Diving Gloves come in 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm Neoprene so select the thickness to suit your need’s. 3mm will be comfortable for most times of the year. Atlantis dive gloves are your “go-to” option for easy donning and hard wearing. Fourth Element gloves offer the next level of warmth in a high end dive glove. Try some on in store and you’ll be very surprised.

Most 7mm WetSuits come standard with a hood attached. If yours does not, then this could be a worthy investment. Hoods cam be added either as a separate Hood or in a Hooded Vest underneath your Wet Suit. Hooded Vests help to minimise water movement in and out of the Wet Suit, as well as adding thermal layers for your body and head. A hooded vest can even be added underneath a Wet Suit that already has a hood!

Remember to keep warm before and after diving too. This can make a significant difference to your time spent underwater. A cold diver entering the water will not keep up with a warm diver entering the water with the same exposure protection. Warm drinks (tea and “milo”) plus a little sunshine help with this. When shore diving you can warm up in your vehicle on the way to and from the dive site or even between dives. A warm thermos of water to poor down your Wet Suit is a great idea too.

Our dive shop is open every day from 8am to 5pm. Stop by and talk to one of the staff about your exposure protection needs for diving and scuba diving. We’ve got loads of experience and our shop is packed with many specialised options for your diving, both locally and in other places. In no time you’ll find that diving with the right dive gear and techniques will almost entirely eliminate any problems with the cold, or overheating…