Get a Diver the right gift for Christmas

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It’s the season for celebration and giving, we all want to give a gift that each of our family members, partner or friend will enjoy.   At NZ Sea Adventures we’re here to help make that happen in any way we can so here are a few ideas:

Safety gear

The no.1 thing on every divers mind, short of a good time, photograph or the dive site they’re diving..  Safety sausages and inflatable surface markers/SMB’s are important.  Got a Nautilus Lifeline?  The ultimate divers GPS safety VHF waterproof radio.  Whistle?  DiveAlert horns are great or a dive light for signalling from a distance?

Underwater Camera

All divers enjoy the underwater environment and love to share their experiences.  Get them a new camera or that assessory they keep mentioning but never get around to.  Some underwater lighting maybe?

Masks and Fins

Nothing puts a smile on a divers dial than a nice new dive mask or a plush pair of dive fins.  Go for a good quality make and a specific dive fin suited to their preference of activity be it Snorkelling, Scuba Diving or Freediving.  Maybe a prescription dive mask?

Specialty ratings or the next core level course

Got a family member or partner that’s a developing SCUBA diver?  Get them the next dive course for Christmas; Open Water Divers can do their Advanced Open Water and Advanced can do Rescue Diver.  Someone mentioned they’d like to get certified to dive Nitrox or maybe become a Wreck Diver?  Help them get started in Sidemount diving with a dive course and/or Sidemount gear, you’ll surely get on their “favourite person” list..

Dive Computer

A much loved piece of diving gear.  New divers are allways looking to simplify their experiences with the purchase of a diving computer.  Experienced divers enjoy having the latest bit of “kit” too, especially if they’re looking to enter the Technical and Rebreather realm.

High performance Regulators or a new BCD

Is that BCD of theirs make everyone ask “you go diving in that still?”  Help them out with a hard wearing, quality BCD from our range.  Been diving the same set of regulators for many years?  Still need to get a set?  Go for the sound performance provided by out Atlantis and Dive Rite regulator range..

Boots, Gloves and Wetsuits

These are great items for any budget.  Be it a new pair of dive Boot’s or a plush Titanium lined “SuperWarm” wetsuit.

Just don’t know or know they like to pick out gadgets?

Go for  a custom Christmas Gift Voucher from our store.  These are by far an excellent choice for flexibility and a sure fire way to know you just cannot get it wrong.  Make it for their next dive course, a particular item or any amount you wish to choose.

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