Is SCUBA Diving a safe and care free leisure activity?

At NZ Sea Adventures we hear about peoples concerns with SCUBA diving and safety.  Things like “I heard somebody had an accident!?”  “Can you get the bends?”  The answer to these and many safety concerns are often yes, these things can and do happen.  The truth is however that these are usually very isolated incidences driven by complacency and a lack of good judgement, not enough training and experience and could quite simply have been avoided.

SCUBA Diving is a safe and care free leisure activity.

The term “care free” is often the impression you get from experienced divers who get the right training and use common sense.  But you must remember those two important points; they get the right training and use common sense.  When you were learning to drive a car, did you get straight behind the wheel without any guidance or education?  No of course not.  Did you find it easy the first time you tried to drive a car?  No, of course not.  SCUBA Diving is quite similar in a lot of ways.  There are technical aspects, considerations for depth as with driving a vehicle at different speeds.  Once you get the hang of it, provided you maintain your vehicle, follow the road rules and drive to the conditions…  You get the picture.

When you apply what you have learnt correctly, with a little practice (just like driving a car), SCUBA diving becomes almost second nature and relatively care free.  How many of us drive a car or take public transport on a daily basis without incident.  SCUBA diving is very similar. Except in the case of SCUBA diving, the scenery is better and it’s load’s of fun!  You’ll see and experience things that many never will.  Afterwards you will feel invigorated and carry a feeling of fulfillment knowing what you have just done is unique and special.  You feel safe and care free knowing you can go SCUBA diving and return safely many, many times.  The trick is to keep up the good habit’s.  Just like driving a car, you wouldn’t all of a sudden decide that a car with no tread on the tires is OK, nor expect to reach your destination without watching where you are going.

So when scuba diving, you are quite safe and it is a carefree activity because you’re going to dive conservatively.  You will maintain your equipment and keep an eye on your air supply.  You will monitor your health and consider the conditions in your dive planning.  Did you ever hear somebody say “driving a vehicle is dangerous because they heard somebody was in an accident, you should not drive a car.”?  That’s ludicrous!  We just follow the road rules, make sure we are not otherwise impaired, drive safely all the time and most often without incident.

Yes SCUBA diving has risks, just like anything else you might do.  You just need to do it properly to keep yourself and your dive buddies safe.

If you are wanting to know more about diver safety; we have many blogs and there are a number of helpful scuba diving courses.  All dive courses have considerations for keeping you safe and add to the “care free” notion.  Becoming certified as an Open Water Diver teaches you many great aspects of scuba diving, just like Advanced Open Water and especially Rescue Diver and Divemaster courses for those at that level.

There are specialty courses like Equipment to help with good maintenance and a Drysuit diving course about the in’s and out’s of SCUBA diving in a Drysuit.  Peak Performance Buoyancy if you’re wanting to improve your buoyancy control (this one really makes diving easier too).

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Also you can stop by New Zealand Sea Adventures if you have any specific concerns about diving.  We’re happy to offer advice and guidance in any way we can.