KISS Rebreather Deal!

limited time offer from our friends at KISS Rebreathers

As you might be aware, we are passionate about quality Rebreather diving equipment, training and experiences.  So, are proud to announce a limited time deal on offer from our friends at KISS.

Until the 7th of November, you can order one of their new Spirit LTE mCCRs’ and get…

NZ$688 off a Spirit LTE mCCR!


That’s a KISS Spirit LTE mCCR for just $6,090


Special includes:

Standard Spirit LTE, Hollis BOV, Harness & wing, SPG, hardwired Fischer cable, off-board DIL hoses and QD.
Special does not include:

3 x K22-D O2 sensors – NZ$515.00*

2L O2 cylinder & valve – NZ$435* * All prices are subject to fluctuation and freight charges

Shearwater computer – NZ$2,060*

Off-board Dil is a standard scuba cylinder