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KISS Rebreathers

“Offering divers a choice”

At New Zealand Sea Adventures we offer you all essential support related to KISS Rebreathers. You can buy one from us and receive your training from us as well. This fantastic machine comes in two forms – Spirit LTE and the Classic (the Explorer is a variation of the Classic). Both are depth rated to 91m. Their time limits are 2.5 hours and 4.0 hours respectively in temperate waters and longer in tropical waters. These are really safe and simple re-breathers.

You will need a pre-requisite of Nitrox and be at least 18 years of age to attend the KISS CCR course.

Tony is a TDI qualified KISS CCR Instructor Trainer able to run the KISS Air Deco CCR course for you. This includes one pool session and seven OW dives to a maximum depth of 30m. He is also qualified to certify KISS Trimix CCR divers to 60m.

We match these trusted re-breathers to the outstanding Shearwater technical computer range. This is a fantastic marriage of simplicity and technology. If you are considering purchasing a KISS Rebreather, talk to us about the best configuration, cylinder choice and training option.

Wellington Scuba Diving-KISS Air Diluent CCR Diver

KISS Classic mCCR

The KISS Classic is a strong, reliable and adaptable re-breather which is designed for both recreational and technical diving. Wreck, deep, cave, shallow reef, photography, the Classic KISS does it all in one clean, easy to use, well priced package. The Classic follows the traditional CCR design and has both the diluent and oxygen cylinders integrated into the back mounted unit. The bail-out cylinder can be plugged into the BOV via a hose and quick release assembly. Scrubber duration is 4 hours in 4-17 degrees C and 5 hours in warmer water. The unit is rated to 91m but your initial maximum depth is 30m on air diluent. The Classic can also undergo an approved modification and be dived deeper than 91m (with suitable training).  Once you have the CCR Trimix pre-requisites and training, you may change your diluent gas to trimix and start going deeper.


The KISS Spirit LTE is a lightweight re-breather that employs clever design features to reduce weight. This is a huge bonus if you intend to travel and dive the wrecks of the world. The Spirit is suitable for recreational or technical divers. It is rated to 91m. There are some innovative features, which includes the oxygen cylinder being placed below the scrubber unit, lending balance and comfort to the dive. The diluent gas is supplied from a side-slung off-board cylinder that also acts as the bail-out cylinder via your Bail Out Valve (BOV). Your initial level of training will be to 30m on air. Once you have the CCR Trimix pre-requisites and training, you may change the off-board cylinder gas to trimix, and start going deeper.  

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Wellington Scuba Diving-Kiss LTE mCCR