Bags and BCD's

A buoyancy control device is an important piece of dive gear.  Picking BCD’s that suit not only your diving vocation but also your personal preferences.  Options include non-weight integrated for recreational divers preferring to use a weight belt.  For a modern, weight integrated Recreational BCD you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the functionality and simplicity of an Atlantis Quest BCD.  A wing inflating BCD with zip pockets gives you the space and adjustable trim for underwater and surface activities alike!

Thinking a little more seriously?  Dive Rites Transpac system offers great diversity with wing options to accommodate single tank diving, Sidemount, twin tanks and Rebreathers.  Rear inflation will help perfect your trim underwater.  With a rang of accessories and add-on pockets too suit any diver.

All our BCD’s are of the highest quality and offer performance required for Recreational and Technical Divers.  Included with your hard wearing and affordable BCD purchase we offer a superior back-up support service that you’ll know you can rely on.

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