Diving Fins

A good pair of dive fins suited to your activity on the day are one of the most important things to get right.  You’ll find a pair of Multi-Purpose F1’s will do almost any job but..  A pair of Split Fins for Atomic Aquatics or Apollo bioFin’s will be the most comfortable and minimise cramps at the same time as giving performance a your comfortable pace.

Traditional style “Blade” type from Dive Rite, Seac and Quest will ultimately get you the comfort and performance needed for scuba diving or even snorkelling!  These fins realy do look very stylish all at the same time.  Also available for the snorkeller are our Rubber and Spree plastic/rubber F40 snorkelling fins.  For a top of the line fit, performance and also an ideal underwater hockey fin, for a pair of Seac full foot pair.

Load up your cart with some upgrades or a pair for every task.  Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Freediving and Technical diving; at NZ Sea Adventures Wellington we’ve got it covered.

Dive Crew Blog: Choosing the right pair of diving fins.

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