Masks & Snorkels

When it comes to a Mask and Snorkels you’ll enjoy our selection of quality, comfort and style for a Mask Snorkels set.  For a comfortable “purge” mask try the Atlantis Access M31 for a smaller fit or the Atlantis Access M30 has a larger skirt with side windows.  Find sleek comfort in a Seac Fox mask or Atlantis Legacy M22 white mask.  Maybe a stylish low volume Atlantis Quest M12 mask is for you?

Atlantis Vertex has affordable reliability in a low volume “Freediving” mask or a sleek Salvimar will please any seasoned spear fisher..  After a large mask with a wide lens?  Get yourself a comfortable Atlantis Legacy M21 in clear yellow, blue or solid black…  Very cool too.  A dive mask is your key to seeing underwater so pick the best you can from our great range.

Don’t forget a good snorkel too!!

Our range of snorkels cover everything from a simple plastic snorkel with silicone mouthpiece to a delux Seac Vortex perg snorkel and splashguard.  Atlantis Icon do the very popular S1 snorkel with corrugated silicone flexi hose for comfortable positioning, purge and a Whiste!

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