When you head out for a spearfish you need good gear that performs well when you need it to and at a great price.  Our spearfishing equipment comes from some of the sports most sought after brands with a backup and service department.

Keep warm and protected without breaking the bank with our Atlantis exposure protection.  Performance Vertex wetsuits, gloves, belts, masks and snorkels take the challenge from finding effective dive gear.

For spearguns you won’t beat our Rob Allen range with spare parts, floats, and bags specially designed for the professional Spearfisher.  Stock up on string-up spare’s and rubbers, upgrade or get yourself that speargun you’ve been looking at for so long.

Looking for a Package?  With our Spearfishing package you can upgrade to sought after Salvimar products or Legacy gloves.  Add a weight vest/harness and choose a longer gun the targeting the larger pelargic’s.

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