Technical Diving

Welcome to the “Dark Side”….

Many divers incorporate simple advanced technical diving techniques such as using twin cylinders and surface marker buoys into their every day dives. True technical diving could be defined as going deeper or staying longer than recreational limits. For these techniques we can offer either DSAT or TDI certification. Courses cover from basic Nitrox to Advanced Trimix. We not only specialise in Technical dive training but we also offer a full range of technical dive gear for purchase. We are recognised as leaders in our field.

If you become a passionate deep wreck diver, you may decide that a closed circuit re-breather (CCR) is the way to go. This is a trimix capable machine that will prove cost effective when overseas in such locations as Truk Lagoon or the Solomons. Apart from the USS Aaron Ward 70m, there are many deeper exciting wrecks in Iron Bottom Sound. Our KISS Classic and Orca Spirit LTE CCRs are the ultimate in rebreather diving simplicity allowing you to dive to 91m/300 ft – with the right training.

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