Dive Cylinders come in two main materials, steel and aluminium.  We stock only the best grade and highest quality cylinders of both makes with competitive pricing and a fast service!

Our Catalina dive cylinders offer affordability and durability in a lighter cylinder.  Catalina has an excellent reputation and offer sizes from 19cft to 95cuft.  FABER are the top of the line Steel dive tank made from quality steel that stands the test of time.  Steel tanks often give you greater capacity and extra weight for diving in sizes, 3L, 10L, 12L, 12L Stubby and 15L.

For Recreational Scuba diving you’ll want something like an 80 or 95 cft Aluminium or any of the 10L, 12L or 15L size steel tanks.  Technical divers utilise the smaller tanks and common sizes for a variety of tasks.

We offer Quality Sherwood and Atlantis valves with both DIN and YOKE options and also the in line CCR Valves.

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