Dive Knives & Lights

When it comes to dive safety chose one of our quality dive knives for this and a multitude of other purposes.

Pick from our selection of dive knives the right tool for you, not just safety but many other reasons.  We have Large blade knives, quality multi-purpose knives designed specifically for divers.  Also your Spearfishing “iki” knives are in our online store.

All knifes come with leg straps included with the exception of the Icon BCD Safety knife.  The Icon BCD knife attaches to your BCD strap and has an easy to reach “dagger” blade with line cutter and a serrated edge.

And let’s not forget the range of “chisel” tipped Paua knives.  Multi purpose high quality blades, easy use “Big Buddy” tool and the all famous Atlantis Paua tool makes light work of all paua collecting..

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