Akona Maverick Roller Bag

Akona Maverick Roller Bag


Fresh off the assembly line and ready to go on all sorts of adventures, AKONA’s new Maverick roller duffel bag steps into the ring with a convenient and hassle-free way to transport your gear.

Surprisingly this roller bag weighs in at less than 5 kilos. I say surprisingly because at first glance it doesn’t come off as a lightweight, but rather a durable, heavy duty, strong piece of luggage.

Specifically made for the well-traveled diver, the Maverick features a massive core compartment, which can safeguard your most precious equipment. This bag can handle an entire set of equipment with room to spare for clothes and accessories. The reinforced base and sidewalls provide a stable bag that remains upright when traveling so there’s no need to worry about the bag tipping over while in line at the airport or hotel.



The Akona Maverick is the Rolls Royce of Roller Duffel bags. This bag is an anomaly. How can something so big, so stable, so rock solid, be so light? This beast of a bag offers a massive center compartment with a large U-Shape opening for packing ease. The reinforced corners and coated fabrics were selected with dive travel in mind. Standing in lines: No Problem. Baggage handlers: No Problem. Luggage carousels: No Problem. The reinforced sides and base are sure to provide a stable and strong home for your equipment.

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