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Atlantis Vertex Mask


This high quality mask is ideal for those divers looking for an extremely lightweight frame that offers superior vision.

Features include: Medium fit.
Low profile. The advantage of low volume for free divers is that you don’t have to equalize as much air in your mask as you descend.
Comes with a mask box to prevent travel damage.
Black crystal silicone double feather-edged skirt. The advantage of black silicone is that it does not reflect under water where clear silicone can when sunshine strikes it.
Quick adjust ratcheting buckles.
Extremely lightweight but rugged polycarbonate frame.
Easy access nose pocket.




A low volume mask popular for freediving and spearfishing. A sleek double lens mask made to fit the widest variety of faces, this mask offers ease of equalising and is super streamlined. Black silicone skirt minimises glare inside the mask allowing a clear view of what’s ahead.

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