Scuba Package – BCD Selection


Scuba Package – BCD Selection


Select the Icon BCD size or one of the upgrades.

  • An upgrade is an item of the same type (ie. BCD) but a different style or brand.  For upgrades the only extra charge is the price difference between the item in the package and the upgrade item:   Your new Atlantis “Icon” BCD2 is a hard wearing and stylish non-weight integrated BCD.  Select Atlantis “Quest” BCDII size for a comfortable, weight integrated recreational BCD or the rear inflator and weight integrated “Legacy”

Please note; items are available at these prices only in conjunction with the Scuba Package and only one BCD per package.

See sizing guide below.

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Regulator Selection                    Gauge/Computer Selection

Check through the BCD Selection list and choose the size from the size guides below.  For more information on specifics of each type of BCD see our Bags and BCD’s section then return to this page to add your BCD to basket.

Atlantis Icon and Quest BCD’s

  • X Small:     Lift-9.5kg     Height-142 to 162cm     Weight-45 to 58kg

    Small:     Lift-11kg     Height-155 to 172cm     Weight-50 to 68kg

    Medium:     Lift-12kg     Height-162 to 177cm     Weight-65 to 85kg

  • Large:     Lift-13kg     Height-172 to 183cm     Weight-75 to 95kg

    X Large:     Lift-16kg     Height-175 to 190cm     Weight-90 to 110kg

    XX Large:     Lift-16kg     Height-175 to 190cm     Weight-105 to 125kg

Atlantis Legacy BCD

Sizing as per Icon and Quest                 Lift: 16kg