Scuba Package – Regulator Selection


Scuba Package – Regulator Selection


Select the Icon /R1 and Atlantis 01 Octi for a standard package or one of the upgrades.

  • An upgrade is an item of the same type (ie. Regulator) but a different style or brand.  For upgrades the only extra charge is the price difference between the item in the package and the upgrade item:   Your new Atlantis “Icon” Regulators are heavy duty but simple regulator system designed for the recreational diver.  For improved performance particularly at depth and extra ports, select the Quest/R10 or for high end performance and options for the no-expence spared diver; choose DiveRite XT with the option of a simple Atlantis 01 Octi or a matching XT Alternate Air Source.

Please note; items are available at these prices only in conjunction with the Scuba Package and only one Regulator set per package.

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Your scuba regulator set-up is an important piece of diving equipment.  The set-up you choose will not only effect the price you pay but the level of comfort experienced and ease of breathing while diving.  For more on choosing a Regulator set-up read our Dive Crew Blog “Deciding on a Scuba Diving regulator set-up”  and/or Regulators in our online store for more information on specific regulators.