Diving Package – Wetsuit selection


Diving Package – Wetsuit selection


Select your Legacy wetsuit size or any of the upgrades.

  • An upgrade is an item of the same type (ie. wetsuit) but a different style or brand.  For upgrades the only extra charge is the price difference between the item in the package and the upgrade item: Atlantis W10 “Quest” is a two piece wetsuit upgrade v’s the standard one piece “Legacy”.
  • See the Description at the bottom of this page for sizing guides.

Please note; items are available at these prices only in conjunction with a Diving Package and only one wetsuit per package.

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See Wetsuits for more information and size guides below for help with size selection:

Unisex and male wetsuit sizing

  • Size: XS/1 | Height (cm): 150-160 | Weight (kg) 50-60

    Size: S/2 | Height (cm): 152-162 | Weight (kg) 55-65

    Size: M/3 | Height (cm): 159-170 | Weight (kg) 60-70

    Size: L/4 | Height (cm): 168-179 | Weight (kg) 65-80

  • Size: XL/5 | Height (cm): 172-183 | Weight (kg) 75-95

    Size: XXL/6 | Height (cm): 180-190 | Weight (kg) 95-110

    Size: XXXL/7 | Height (cm): 180-190 | Weight (kg) 105-120

    Size: XXXXL/8 |Height (cm): 180-190 | Weight (kg) 115-130