Scuba Package – Gauge/Computer Selection


Scuba Package – Gauge/Computer Selection


Select the Atlantis Icon “Standard Gauges” for a standard package or one of the upgrades.

  • An upgrade is an item of the same type (ie. Gauges/Computer) but a different style or brand.  For upgrades the only extra charge is the price difference between the item in the package and the upgrade item:   Your new Atlantis Icon “Standard Gauges” provide the essential information to the diver (Remaining Tank pressure plus current and maximum depth).  Many recreational divers opt for a dive computer to keep track of their no-deco’ limits among many other things plus a compass for navigating while underwater.

Please note; items are available at these prices only in conjunction with the Scuba Package and only one Gauge/Computer set per package.

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Know where things are and how much air you have with a set of Computers and Gauges from NZ Sea Adventures.  Navigate underwater with confidence and monitor your no-decompression limits (or deco’) with ease.

Picked from the best on the market; our diving gauges and regulators offer affordability and reliability that is proven.  People love shopping NZ Sea Adventures for the top end performance and functionality of our dive gear.  Be it a set of Triple Gauges, Profile 2 console computer or a stylish mulit-function dive watch.  There is something in our range to fit every divers requirements.

Technical Divers look no further.  With Dive Rite and Shearwater you’ll be set up to manage all gas mixes and Rebreather diving.  From open circuit to CCR Trimix diving, our Dive Store has it covered.  (See in-store for Shearwater computers)

For more information on specific gauges and dive computers, see our Computers and Gauges section of the online store.

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