Scuba Package


Scuba Package

$1,166.00 $995.00

Everything you need to complete your dive gear setup!

  • Icon BCD and Std. Weight Belt
  • Icon Regulators
  • Icon Alternate Air Source
  • Icon SPG

Click “Add to basket” then use Selection buttons below to get the correct size BCD and to add any upgrades (see Description below).


Just like the Beginners and Diving Packages, your Atlantis Scuba Package comes packed with quality and value.  Remember to also select and add to basket your BCD size and any upgrades using the selection buttons.  Check our online store for more info on individual items.

Upgrades are a different item of the same type i.e. a different BCD.  Upgrades cost only the difference between the original package item and the item upgraded to.

BCD Selection                    Regulator Selection                    Gauge/Computer Selection