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Scuba Package


Basic Package includes:

  • Atlantis Icon BCD
  • Atlantis Icon Regulators
  • Atlantis Icon Alternate Air Source
  • Atlantis Icon Gauges (SPG & Depth)



Just like the Beginners and Diving Packages, your Atlantis Scuba Package comes packed with quality and value.  From heavy duty BCD materials to large easy read gauges, our SCUBA Package was made for Kiwi Divers!  The Atlantis Icon Regulators are some of the most cost effective, reliable and simplest regulator systems out there meaning servicing costs are much lower too. Suitable for recreational diving, our Atlantis SCUBA Package makes up the balance of your essential Diving kit when purchased with one of our Diving Packages.

Upgrade Options in Store:

Looking for something different?  All our Gear Packages are upgrade-able!  Choose any upgrade of a like item i.e. a Quest R10 Regulator instead of the Icon R1, and only pay the price difference between the package item and the upgrade.  Upgrades are a great way to get things like Weight Integrated BCD’s and Dive Computers too, while still getting your SCUBA Package offer.  See our upgrade options in store.

Goes great with one of our Diving Packages!