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ProDive Spearo Backpack


The Spearo Backpack is packed with handy features in a convenient comfortable backpack made for long and short hikes to all the best dive sites.

This great Spearo Backpack fit’s your freediving fins, wetsuit and general dive gear, two outer speargun attachments, has an insulated outer pocket to keep things cool and an adjustable shoulder and pack straps to keep everything firmly and comfortably on your back.


The ProDive Spearo Backpack has a rugged design for holding and carrying your Freediving and Spearfishing gear. The Spearo Backpacks main compartment is lined with ventilation mesh and fitted with a drain hole to help keep your dive gear fresh and for water to drain out after diving. The ProDive Spearo Backpack also features a secondary compartment for cold drinks or fish, side fastenings for carrying two spearguns (one each side) and an external zigzag strip for stowing towels and other accessories. Grab yourself one of these mean backpacks for your next diving trip.

  • Main compartment with a ventilation mesh and a drain hole
  • Secondary cool compartment (outside pocket) for carrying cold drinks or fish
  • Side fastenings for two Spearguns
  • External elastic zigzag strip for quick stowing, e.g., for a towel
  • Side straps for reducing the size of the pack
  • Double shoulder strap adjustment


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