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Spree S40 Purge Snorkel


The Spree S40 purge snorkel is the easy to use starters snorkel with some great features including; Splash Guard, Flex Hose, Figure 8 Holder and Purge Valve.  Also these come with the convenience of a standard regulator mouthpiece for easy replacement.



The Spree S40 Snorkel is the same snorkel that is in our mask and snorkel sets.

A great snorkel for all your in water Snorkeling and diving adventures.  The Atlantis Spree S40 Snorkel attaches to any Snorkelling or Diving mask and is ready to use!  You’ll find the Splash guard really helps to minimise the amount of water that enters the snorkel and the Purge Valve easy to clear any that does.  The Drop-Away hose makes positioning the snorkel mouthpiece the most comfortable possible while also allowing the mouthpiece to “Drop-Away” when not in use.

This Snorkel also takes a standard regulator mouthpiece so is easily replaced if you are prone to chewing the mouthpieces.


– Purge valve for easy water drainage.
– Splash guard to reduce water intake on the surface.
– Figure of 8 snorkel keeper, the most reliable and trusted way to connect your snorkel and mask.
– Soft silicone mouth piece to prevent jaw fatigue.
– Smooth internal bore with flexible drop away bottom section.


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