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Salvimar ONE


The Salvimar One has all of the classic functions of modern digital watches, time, date, stopwatch, countdown, alarm, second time zone and extra features for apnea, depth gauge, surface time and diving time.

Once on the surface, the Salvimar One will automatically activate the calculation of the surface time between dives.

Excellent and designed for Free Diving this Dive Watch/Computer could also be utilised for SCUBA Diving.


Freediving functions

As anticipated, the Salvimar One offers all the main functions of a freediving compuer watch, which include instant and maximum time and depth for each dive, surface recovery time, adjustable alarms for maximum depth and time of dive, and instant water temperature.

Main functions:
– Depth Gauges
– Surface time
– Diving time
– Water temperature
– Storage of diving data – up to 99 dives
– Depth Alarm
– Time Alarm
– Wrist Circumference max: 25cm