Seac SHOUT Freediving fins

Seac SHOUT Freediving fins


A superior Thermoplastic Technopolymer blade Free diving and Spearfishing fin.  Excellent foot pocket for a great fit and easy donning.



Seac Shout Camo Long Free Diving Soft and Powerful Fins for Spearfishing.

The SEAC series of Shout spearfishing and free diving fins feature a full foot, open-toe, non-vented blade that is very flexible and comfortable to wear over prolonged use.

The composite design blade, made from Thermoplastic Technopolymer provides exceptional performance and durability.

The 22-degree blade angle fits the anatomically correct natural angle of the foot and leg for optimal performance with less effort.

Side rails and ribs reduce water spilling over blade edges during the kick, improving efficiency, thrust, and power.

The foot pocket heel pull-tab makes it easy to slip the fin on and off.

Different sizes fit men and women over a wide range from Mens US sizing 6 to 15.

Founded in Italy in 1971, SEAC proudly continues to take the lead in producing high-quality diving gear and ensures that each and every product is individually verified and tested.


  • Composite full foot, non-vented, hard blade fin for spearfishing and Freediving.
  • Blade angle designed at an anatomically correct 22-degrees for superior performance with less effort.
  • Comfortable open-toe design with foot pocket molded from thermoplastic Elastomer.
  • Wear with or without neoprene socks or diving boots.
  • Side rails and ribs reduce water spilling over blade edges during the kick, improving kick efficiency, thrust, and power.
  • Thanks to its exclusive design, its more propulsive through the power kick, giving an optimal blade return.