SCUBA Tank Holder System

SCUBA Tank Holder System


Great for mounting and keeping your cylinders in place, either in your boat, truck or at home.  These cylinder mounts are very easy to use.  Once installed, easily snap-lock your cylinder securely away, keep it safe from falling over and easy to access when you go scuba diving.

  • Adjustable brackets (fit any cylinder size)
  • 3 to 4 Cylinders per Rail
  • Fold-away bracket
  • Rail can be cut to any length
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Build your own personalised SCUBA Tank Holder.


These anodized white powder-coated aluminum tracks can be mounted to any surface from boat transoms to truck beds. It can be cut to any size desired to fit every area. Track holds up to 4 tank brackets. Rail Specifications: 122cm long.

Tank Brackets:

Adjustable tank brackets are made out of strong and durable polypropylene that comes in two pieces to fit all tank sizes and folds down when not in use. These also slide into the Cylinder Rail of your SCUBA Tank Holder System.

End Caps:

End Caps are also recommended.

Please note each component must be ordered separately. The most common configuration is:
1 x Cylinder Rail
4 x Adjustable Tank Bracket
1 x End Caps For Rail

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