Project AWARE Specialist

The underwater world needs heroes. You can be one of them by championing the causes of the world’s most fragile and important aquatic ecosystems.

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    Project AWARE Specialist course

    Course Length: 4 Hours



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  • Why take the PADI Project AWARE Specialist course?

    Learn about some of the most pressing problems facing these vulnerable environments and everyday actions you can take to help conserve them from the Project AWARE Specialist Course. It’s informative, interesting and most importantly, you learn how to make a difference.

    What’s involved in the course?

    Project AWARE Foundation is the scuba diving industry’s leading nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to conserving the aquatic environment through education, advocacy and action. Besides completing the Project AWARE Specialty course, you can become a partner in the efforts to preserve the underwater environment. You learn about the ocean commons and coastal zone issues, fisheries challenges and sustainability, and the role of the scuba diver in protecting aquatic environments.

    Who can take the course?

    New Zealand Sea Adventures Project Aware Specialist New Zealand Sea Adventures Wellington

    Anyone can take this course, diver or not.

    When does the course run?

    All our specialties run regularly year round. Our training staff can work out an individual schedule for the specialty courses that interest you.

    Where does the course run?

    The presentation is run in our Mana Dive Centre near Porirua, Wellington

    How do I sign up?

    Register easily online, in store, by phone or email.  Remember to let us know when you would like to do the course.

    Yes, this Specialty course counts towards your 

    PADI Master Scuba Diver rating!