Putting together your first set of SCUBA diving equipment.

Both experienced and new divers can easily become overcome with options when putting together a set of Scuba gear.  Things like what Regulators to choose and when to get that Dive Computer return a variety of answers which are all correct.  But what and when is best to purchase for you?

Start with what kind of diver you are and who you intend on diving with, making sure you have dive buddies with similar equipment so you can ustilise your equipment is important too.  For most divers some generally good quality but simple Recreational Scuba gear is the best place to start, even those looking to move onto Technical Diving will get some serious Recreational diving in before hand and also may find it convenient later on.

Take your budget into account also, you don’t want to spend all you money on gear and not be able to afford the next course or dive trip.  Remember moving through Advanced, Rescue and Specialty courses help with decision making also.  Dive Instructors and Divemasters at NZ Sea Adventures in Wellington are trained in equipment counseling and have experience and feed back meaning they know the best gear for each situation, diving preferences, ongoing training etc.

Dive Computers are particularly important with simplifying deep diving and multiple diving days and dive trips where keeping a close eye on your non-deco’ limits is paramount.  Select a computer with the functions that suit your next underwater adventures, check functions and reliability of the brand.

Go for Package deals for a good price on matching equipment that will work together.  Even experienced divers who know what they need will make the most of these.  NZ Sea Adventures in Wellington have simple package deals were you can upgrade items to customise the package to meet your requirements and budget.  Add on dive weights, upgrade to a dive computer first hand and get set-up for your ongoing dive plans.  Medium to high performance regulators are a good investment as much as weight integrated BCD’s, a good fitting dive mask and a comfortable pair of fins make your diving all the more comfortable.

Exposure protection is important; gloves, boots and hood’s etc are relatively simple and inexpensive.  Though thing about a Drysuit especially with temperate winter diving.  In Wellington, our diving conditions are suitable for wet suit diving but you want to enjoy some of the better visibility available during the winter months in relative comfort too.  Neoprene vests and high quality Fourth Element Thermal layers are available for underneath wet suits and dry suits.  These add warmth to your diving with almost limitless potential and you really get your moneys worth.

Don’t forget to “GADGETISE!!!”  As much as computers take the stress out of managing no-deco’ limits, safety add-ons like whistles, DiveAlerts and the Nautilus Lifeline are there in case of emergency.  Dive torches help bring back the colours at depth and enable you to see in places that are otherwise too dark and of coarse you’ll need a compass to find your way around.  Remember dive bags and weight bags too, these make it easy to keep your new kit together and get around.

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