Sidemount Diving is Here!

We have stocked new sidemount diving equipment for some months now. We have also been hard at “work” training new sidemount divers. For those of you who are unsure what sidemount diving is, it is a way of rigging your cylinders on your sides rather than back.  This is useful for diving two cylinders off the shore or boat as you can carry your cylinders separately and even attach them one by one while in the water. It is  great at the end of a boat dive as you can pass individual cylinders up to the boatman and climb out with just your harness on.  Quite a few divers suffer from bad backs but want to experience longer bottom times. For this they need to carry extra gas/cylinders. In this case, sidemount is superb as you only lift one cylinder at a time rather than twin tanks. Sidemount is also very good for your trim in the water and penetration diving.  We can also teach Tech Sidemount if you wish to carry both back-gas and deco gas cylinders as well. If you would like to try sidemount, call us and we will organise a session in our on-site dive pool.

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