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Choosing the right BCD.

BCD selection can be confusing, even for the most experienced divers.  Words like integrated, rear inflator, non-integrated, modular, shoulder dump, quick release, harness and wing can sound sophisticated beyond

Air Integrated – Sherwater Perdix Dive Computer.

The Perdix Shearwater AI (Air Integrated) dive computer has a large, easy-to-read screen that clearly displays the tank pressure, your gas time remaining and other essential dive data. The computer has an optional integrated transmitter that sends your cylinder pressure and time remaining to the Perdix. The Perdix can be used without the trasmitter – […]

Wetsuits; Freediving v’s Scuba. What’s the difference?

Freediving v’s Scuba wetsuits, what’s the difference? Wetsuit Neoprene is a rubber foam used to make, well, a wetsuit. It is called closed-cell neoprene as the bubbles are trapped in the neoprene rubber foam and between one or more layers of fabric. Closed-cell means that each nitrogen bubble is surrounded and separated by neoprene. Both […]