Tech Sidemount Diver

Once you have experienced recreational side-mount, you will easily understand the application to technical diving. Technical diving is exceeding the recreational limits of depth or time or both. To do that you will need to carry more cylinders. The Tech Sidemount course will show you how to do this.

TDI Technical Diving. Dive NZ Sea Adventures, Wellington

Technical Side-Mount course



Course Length:             2 Days






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Why take the TDI Technical Side-Mount course?

New Zealand Sea Adventures tech sidemount wellingtonThe average Technical open circuit diver will carry a minimum of four cylinders, two mounted on the back and one slung either side (or both on one side). This is a serious weight to carry to the waters edge and can place considerable out-of-water strain on a divers body. Putting your cylinders on one by one in the water provides a good rest for your back as your cylinders will be near to weightless once they are in the water.

Shutting down a malfunctioning back-mounted regulator is a challenge but doing the same with a side-mounted regulator is simple and fast.

What’s involved in the course?

The course allows you to use side-mounted cylinders while either certifying on just this course or learning to use this system while certifying on TDI courses such as Decompression Procedures and Extended range. Gas used may range from air, nitrox or trimix depending on the course being attended and your certification.

The course involves 3 sea dives to practice gear configuration during multiple tank diving and emergency drills in technical sidemount gear. Additional dives will be required for further certification.

Who can take the course?

To take the course you must be an Open Water Diver and at least 18 years of age.

When does the course run?

The course takes two days, and we can run this programme all year round. Additional days will be required for further certification.

Where does the course run?

Complete theory at our Mana Dive Centre near, Wellington then to one of the many local dive sites for the three dives.

How do I sign up?

Drop by the dive centre or give us a call to work out your Course timetable.