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When I was young I would have loved to experience weightlessness. Space exploration hadn’t been invented but I remember Navy frogman Mike Nelson (played by Lloyd Bridges) outwitting villains in the 155 TV episodes of ‘Sea Hunt’. He was followed by James Bond and of course on TV we actually saw the legendary Jacques Cousteau diving around the world; and in doing so he awoke that desire in many of us who later became divers.

I have always enjoyed the peace and serenity of SCUBA diving – but I love the experience of weightlessness the most. To be able to cruise at any depth without rising or falling is a great skill. Sometimes we take it for granted. To be like a fish is an awesome experience; stay motionless or disappear with a quick flick of the fins.

Of course this skill takes a while and quite a few Scuba dives to master. Once I had completed my PADI Open Water diver course I had the bug. Next I did my PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course and the dive that I really enjoyed was the Peak Performance Dive. I listened to my PADI Instructor and was soon booked on the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course. With the skills I learnt, I am very comfortable in the water doing what I like best, swimming like a fish.