Adventure Diver – what’s it all about?

  1. Wellington Fun diving adventure diver
  1. Wellington Fun diving adventure diver

Once you are a certified Open Water Diver you can take not only take the Advanced Open Water Diver course and some Specialties. There’s also an exciting PADI Adventure Diver option if you want to ease into it a little slower. Maybe you are short on time?

During the short program you will gain some quality diving time and experiences learning more about things like buoyancy control and maybe underwater navigation. There are three dives in an Adventure Diver course but no compulsory dives. Choose from a number of options, maybe a wreck dive interests you or underwater photography? A Search and Recovery dive to locate and raise lost items to the surface is fun or maybe something simple like Fish Identification interests you.

Take a day out for 3 fun dives. From as little as $140 you can get another level diver rating and the skills to help develop and increase your diving pleasure.

The Adventure Diver course is great for new divers wanting a little extra tuition too. The Knowledge Development is straight forward, shorter and easier to use. Plus the diving sections are very easy to learn. But you’ll still wonder how the course helped improve your fun so much!

Certification will require your purchase of the Advanced Open Water eLearning course. Because this has the knowledge development for an Advanced Open Water course, if you decide to go through to Advanced Open Water then there’s just two more dives. The eLearning “PIC” certification can be used for either your Adventure Diver rating or the Advanced Open Water rating.

Adventure Diver & PADI Rescue Diver

Now this is another exciting part; as an Adventure Diver having done the navigation dive, you can take the PADI Rescue Diver course. During the course you’ll hone your self-rescue skills from your Open Water Diver course plus learn the Rescue Diver skills. Adventure divers can be extra vigilant, safe and confident as Rescue Divers without needing to do any compulsory Advanced Open Water dives. Be the beacon of safety and take the Adventure Diver and PADI Rescue diver courses together!

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