How to choose a Dive Mask.

Quality advice from NZ Sea Adventures Dive Crew.

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Whether you are starting your SCUBA diving experience or an experienced rebreather diver, you need a dive mask. If your mask does not fit you properly it will ruin your dive. Choosing one in a dive store can be quite a challenge so here are some tips:

Select a Store
Select a dive shop you trust. As Wellington’s original Premier dive centre we offer only dive quality masks for all age groups. We also help you to get what you need, no matter how long that takes. Our mask lenses are all dive quality and there are warranties covering all products. Our Atlantis Icon, Quest, Access, SEAC, GoPRO, Rob Allen and Vertex dive masks are suitable whether you want to snorkel around a tropical reef or scuba dive Wellington’s magnificent Marine Reserve. Our GoPRO mask allows you to fit your camera securely to your mask thus avoiding wearing a camera head harness as well as a mask.

Try them all.
Try all our masks on display. The softer silicon will normally give a better fit but is usually more expensive than the harder silicon. Don’t choose on price alone. Place the mask on your face ensuring there is no hair under the seal. Breathe in through your nose and at the same time pull the mask off your face. The better the suction, the better the fit is likely to be. Ensure the frame of the mask does not press in on the bridge of your nose or between your eyes.

Narrow the selection
Put aside the best fitting masks then try to get the best, most comfortable fit from this small selection. As a guide, clear silicon is popular with scuba divers while black silicon is the choice for free divers Technical and Rebreather divers. Black silicon allows the diver to better focus on quarry or computers.

Preparing a mask for diving.
At New Zealand Sea Adventures in Porirua, Wellington, we help you prepare the mask for diving. First, clean the invisible silicon spray off the inside of the mask with toothpaste. That is one step in eliminating fogging during the dive. Once at the dive site you need to prepare the inside of the mask glass before each dive. One method is to spit on the glass then rub the spit over the glass and finally lightly rinse the bulk of the spit off. In our store we suggest you use Atlantis Crystal Mask Clear as an alternative. Simply squirt, rub and then rinse without touching the mask lens.

Experienced divers.
If you are a Technical diver or a rebreather diver you will want to carry a spare mask. The frameless type mask will fold flat and take up less room in your wetsuit or drysuit pocket. Rob Allen, Vertex and SEAC masks will all do this while also providing top quality silicon comfort and fit. If you are travelling, keep your mask in it’s box for maximum protection.

Lets go diving.
OK, now you have your ideal mask. What are you waiting for, join us for some fun, safe, dive adventures or training. We are keen to get you diving whether you are a PADI, SSI, TDI, SDI, BSAC or NAUI diver. As Wellington’s Technical and Rebreather Dive Centre we can help you Technical divers get to new and exciting places as well. Call us on 04 233-8238 or go to to visit our on-line store.